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The Season of Desire

Painting Competition

The rules below are for the Season of Desire painting competition hosted by Questionable Creatives (QC). These rules apply to all participants, and may be amended if deemed necessary to uphold standards, correct errors or help provide a fair playing field for those involved. Any  amendments will be announced via the QC discord server.

The Serious Stuff

  1. Registration and entry will be by digital submission, in the Questionable Creatives Discord server  (

  2. The competition will open for submissions on 1 March 2020 and submissions are due by 11:59PM GMT+8 on 1 May 2020, posted to the #final-submission channel.

  3. Your entry should reflect your interpretation of the prompt "The Season of Desire" as a theme

  4. Entry must fit within a maximum 70x70x70mm cube, without plinth or decorative riser. This is to allow for a limited size whilst allowing for plinths, with measurements starting from the base of any painted area.  Whilst we can't enforce this strictly, the idea is to avoid the domination of larger models, and to help entries remain achievable by keeping them smaller in size.

  5. In the final submission, models must have at least one picture and no more than five pictures entered.

  6. It is encouraged to post WIPS in the Discord server, however;

  7.  Participants are unable to seek technical feedback from judges (aside from reference to the judging criteria when available) until the competition has ended.

  8. Final pictures should be taken with a neutral background that does not distract from the model. Whilst points will not be awarded for quality of photos, good photography will help us see your model in the best light. 

  9. Digital editing of final photos beyond watermarking or standard adjustments such as colour correction or balancing value will result in disqualification. If in doubt, contact one of the judges with your photos for discussion before posting. 

  10. By entering you give us permission to respectfully alter and share any photos you post to the QC discord for promotional use, with credit to the original poster, using details provided. 

  11. Shipping is available to the winner worldwide, subject to the limitations set by Creature Caster international shipping. 

  12. The winner of the competition must provide shipping information via discord private message to SkiggleIsFine within 30 days of the winner being announced, otherwise the prize will be passed on to the runner up. 

  13. After the winner has been announced, you are welcome to seek constructive feedback on your entry from the judges as they are willing to provide it. Any hostility or rudeness towards the judges or organisers will not be tolerated, and will result in a ban from the server, community pages and any future competitions.

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