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Questionable Creatives is a small group of miniature painters and variety streamers that aims to push you further through fun content, helpful advice and hobby challenges.

The Season of Desire

Painting Competition (now closed)

Questionable creatives is proud to announce our first Painting Competition, designed to be a chance to take part in a relaxed, competitive setting. 


The prize for judges' choice best entry will be the Creature Caster Suzerain of Desire. These intertwined miniatures are hand cast in resin, with a massive a height of 13.5cm from the bottom of the scenic base to top of the male head. This model is being generously supplied by SkiggleIsFine, and will be distributed directly to the winner by Creature Caster.


The Season of Desire competition will be running from 1 March 2020 to 1 May 2020, with judging and prize announcements to take place shortly after.


Entry is being run through the Questionable Creatives Discord server, as well as opportunities to post WIPs and get feedback from other participants and community members.

Meet The Team

Special Thanks To

Image by Ray Hennessy
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